Café la Reine

Café la Reine is modern and cozy environment with welcoming staff!!

Café la Reine is honored to source many of our finest ingredients locally to prepare our French inspired pastries, baked goods, and the majority of our breads in house. Come and grab a delightful pastry, a beautifully crafted loaf of bread or a specialty dessert for the family – we know they won´t disappoint!

Our partnership with Caffé Monte and Chronicle Coffee roasters was love at first sip. The careful attention of balancing the body, sweetness, and acidity of every batch is true dedication. We are inspired by their respect of the coffee farming community and their commitment to charities across Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Columbia.

Café la Reine is proud to partner with DaVinci out of St Albert to supply us with a variety of naturally flavored gelatos. Come down to the French Quarter area and choose from eight delicious rotating flavors including vegan options! We look forward to becoming your favorite summer evening gelato stop.

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