8943 82 Avenue, Edmonton

The Cheese Factory

One infamous French proverb states that “A meal without cheese is like a day without sunshine”. Finding such a spot as local cheese maker The Cheese Factory means you don’t have to miss out on a single bite.

Located in the French Quarter in its original location since its founding by Mario Michel and Jean Guy Bergeron, with the help of master cheese maker Brano Stanisic, this fromagerie provides cheese with the passion and experience you’d expect from a shop of this vintage.

Specializing in eastern Canadian and eastern European cheeses, The Cheese Factory is your go to for the cheese portion of your weekly charcuterie, summer events and daily lunchtime staples.

If you like cheese with notes of caramel, oak and butter that linger on the palate, you’ll know why the Havarti here is so popular. It’s complex, balanced, firm and savoury with no bitterness to disrupt its rich smooth finish.

House smoked beer cheese makes the perfect pairing in a spicy Caesar, or with any beer, the beer cheese is also available in cheddar flavours, they’re a salty bite sized snack in the heat, or rain.

Traditionally made and hand packed, their cheese curds, springy, tart and tasty, have become a staple during Poutine Week, and if you’re unsure how to make traditional poutine, there are handy kits available to tempt your friends or family into the traditional Quebecois treat.

Catering to the health conscious with daily made kefir, a type of drinkable yoghurt, richer in probiotics, lower in lactose, and providing a number of enzymes, and quark, with the consistency of firm sour cream, lower in fat and higher in protein, both products are rich in the essential vitamins and minerals which fermented products provide.

Along with the various other cheeses, there are imported European goods and maple syrup from Quebec stocked for those who pine for the taste of home or want to expand their culinary repertoire.

The staff at The Cheese Factory are happy to provide advice and happy conversation while they serve, answer any questions or fill advance orders, come and feel old world value and customer service in this sweet local spot.

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